Address:3200 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr, Albany, GA 31701


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The Founding


Michael and Isha Odom founded Agape Christian Worship Center in April 2003 in Albany, Georgia. Agape is a non-denominational, Apostolic and Prophetic ministry. The first Bible study was held at the Holiday Inn where the gospel message was taught each week.

In June 2003, the first members joined and the church continued to grow. The small congregation relocated to their facility in December 2003; and began to establish community partnerships. Agape hosted its first Family and Friends Day, now called “Community Day”, which is a major annual event hosting several hundred each year.

Community Growth


In 2006, after establishing and training a strong leadership team; Agape began to make an imprint in the community and change lives. It was during this time that we hosted our first “City Transformation” Conference. This conference allowed several community entities to come together and educate the internal and external community about available community resources.



In 2008, with consistent growth ACWC was able to acquire 32 acres of land to propel the body further into community development. These efforts birthed Agape Community Development Corporation (ACDC) and an 8-phase development.

Global Ministries


In 2010, Agape began to hear the call to the global community and explore a new method of servant leadership and the concepts of transformation.

In 2011, Apostle Odom took an apostolic team to Sierra Leone where the team taught the gospel, hosted a Prophetic Workshop, and conducted a deliverance service. Agape continues to grow and press towards transformation and empowerment. Currently, the church is focused on making disciples for Christ, demonstrating the kingdom, empowerment, community development, and developing the 32 acres which is affectionately called “ACDC Vision Development”.