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Children Church




The ACWC Children’s Church ministry is place where our little warriors can be fostered and nurtured in an age-appropriate way. This area of ministry gives our babes the foundational biblical principles they need for development and to help them gain knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Youth Ministry



The youth ministry is designed to encourage the youth by instilling God’s Biblical principles and commandments.  Ultimately, we desire to build a foundation for spiritual growth and help our young people realize that nothing is impossible with God! The ACWC youth ministry will consistently challenge our youth to become pioneers, and visionaries for Christ.

Teen Zone 13-17 years

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This ministry is focused on raising the next generation through innovative teaching & programs.  Our Teens are being molded to serve in various capacities within God’s kingdom.

Community Support Services

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CSS is the outreach arm of ACWC. It encompasses our senior adult, hospitality, outreach, and special events.

Praise and Worship Ministry




Our P&W team is called “Rain. The ACWC praise and worship ministry comprises a selection of highly anointed and musically gifted members of the church.  Through the ministry of music, the praise and worship team leads the church into the presence of the Lord and prepares the hearts of all participants for the entrance of God’s word.  As a strategic element in the life of the church, the ministry is dedicated to the pursuit of God’s presence and ushering in the anointing which destroys yokes and lifts burdens from the lives of all who attend the church.

Prophetic Dance Ministry


Priase Dance Min


The ACWC Prophetic Dance team is a team of dancers who minister through dance and prophetic expressions.  Our desire is to be a visual interpretation of worship, song, and Prophetic utterances within the service.  Our Prophetic dancers are willing vessels that are used to usher the congregation into an intimate place of worship that will bring forth the manifested presence of the Holy Spirit. The ACWC Prophetic Dance team also sets the atmosphere for worshipers to experience a level of freedom in worship.

Marriage Ministry




This ministry is a quarterly event designed to build and sustain biblical marriages.   We celebrate the family, the beauty of marriage, as well as building skills to enhance the marriage and family.

Single’s Ministry




This ministry is a fellowship for single adults. The mission is purity while waiting, fellowship, discipleship and general support.

Women’s Ministry




This is a place for woman to grow, express, and connect with the God and fellow sisters in the Lord.

Men’s Ministry



Men’s ministry is a grooming tool for all men to be who God has called them to be in society, the church, and the home.

Deliverance Ministry



This ministry is supported by a quarterly workshop entitled “Free Indeed”.  Free Indeed is a 3-day workshop. See the calendar for dates.  The purpose of ACWC Deliverance Team is to set free those who are in bondage.  As Jesus was sent forth to preach deliverance to the captives, we are also sent to do the works He did.  The deliverance ministry is about bringing spiritual victory and freedom to those who are in bondage.


Thanatology Ministry

The Benevolence/Thanatology Ministry seeks to assist individuals and families in times of crisis by meeting all kinds of physical and spiritual needs through prayer as well as charitable contributions.  This ministry also assists in situations of severe stress due to loss of shelter, inadequate food supply, inadequate transportation and emergency medical needs. Additionally, the Thanatology Ministry provides grief education, spiritual support for the loss of a love one, supportive counseling for end of life care, as well as issues regarding preparation for death and the afterlife.