The duo of Pastor Michael D. Odom, Jr. and Dr. Isha V. Odom of Agape Christian Worship Center are not resting in the pursuit of transforming lives as the church continues to partner with more institutions in Albany and other parts of the country. Agape Christian Worship Center in Albany, GA has grown over the years to become a place of solace for hundreds of families, using their platform to provide a response to society's ills within the church’s places of influence.

“We use our platform at Agape Christian Worship Center to minister to the whole man; transforming our places of influence spiritually, socially and economically while changing lives through sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The function of the church transcends being a religious house as it is meant to serve as an institution that gives hope and helps to correct societal ills. However, not many churches have been able to fulfill this role, which is why the feats achieved by Agape over the years have been particularly commendable.

Agape is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic Christian churches near Albany, GA, mainly for its community influence. In a related development, Agape Christian Worship Center created Agape Community Development Corporation (ACDC) to impact its community development initiatives and programs. ACDC is the church’s response to the needs of the local and global community. These initiatives spread the message of hope and compassion of Jesus Christ by forming, training, and sending teams into the local and global communities.

Agape Christian Worship Center is currently in partnership with several organizations, including the City of Albany Recreation and Parks, Christian Community Development Association, Dougherty County School System, Albany Coalition of Churches, Agape Development Initiatives-Sierra Leone West Africa, International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, and a host of others.

For further information about Agape Christian Worship Center and the causes championed by the church as well as how to support in touching lives locally and across borders, visit - Agape Christian Worship Center can also be found across social media, including Facebook and YouTube.


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